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PayGo is Point of Sale [Mac POS or Windows POS] Software for Retail

There are 2 flavors of PayGo. Both have great power. Click on a logo of your choice to learn more.


Affordable. Scalable and Great for Multi-sites. PayGo SaaS is a cutting edge service that runs on perhaps the most powerful computing environment in the world.


PayGo 4.1 is an unlocked, full-featured solution for retailers with their own unique POS needs. PayGo 4.1 will let you go in ANY direction you want to go.

Get a 30 Day Demo:
Get a 30 Day Demo:

What is PayGo?

PayGo is retail POS software that works on your Mac or PC. It's business process stuff - it handles and controls the flow of your business. It talks to receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode printers and scanners so you can run a real successful business.

We specialize in person-to-person business-to-business relationships. Call to experience what we're writing about here.

Why PayGo?

You need software to handle how your retail business operates. You also need a company that specializes in retail software so you can specialize in your business. Whether you have one store or a multi-store setup, we may be able to help.

Let us help you know if PayGo is or isn't right for you.

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